Search + Rescue

06dog_forwebPhone Consultation: Just as when looking for a missing person we require your full attention and an extensive interview will be conducted.
Pre-Search Prep: Based on the area your pet has gone missing and your knowledge of direct threats we will develop a geographic profile as a base to commence the search.

Vehicular Search: We encourage you to conduct a vehicular search of the area or if you request we will come and coordinate the search with you .
Scent Search:  We will bring in scent dogs to conduct a search . These dogs are able to follow a trail based on scents – Sometimes your lost pets scent drifts through the air, settles on the ground or clings to vegetation.01dog_forweb
Tracking expertise: Years in the field tracking numerous types of animals means our trackers are experts in distinguishing dog prints, cat prints, coyote prints, cougar prints, bear prints, raccoon prints… the list goes on
Humane Traps: Over time animals can revert to feral behavior and a trap can be baited and set in the area your missing pet is believed to be in.
A humane trap, set in the right location can help bring your lost animal home.
Infrared Hidden Camera Surveillance: Cameras can be set up to determine animal activity – in particular around a pre- arranged feeding spot.
Infrared Heat Sensor Gun:  Heat sensor equipment used to determine if a cat or dog is hiding in a non-visible area.

We work with Greater Vancouver Rabbit Rescue to locate lost rabbits.

Other tools are available.