The first rule of thumb with any rabbit is DO NOT CHASE IT. If it is your bunny that has escaped walk the neighbourhood and let your neighbours know what type of bunny to look for. Take pictures and ask them to notify you if they see the bun. If you and your rabbit have been together awhile you should be able to find him/her fairly quickly without much effort. Banana offerings often get the bunny back.

If you are in a situation where an abandoned bunny shows up at your home and are asked to try and rescue the rabbit here are some basic tips to help you.

  1. Leave some food and water out in the area where you saw the rabbit to assist the rescue volunteers until they get there. Green leaf or romaing lettuce, some baby carrots, some banana should be a return attraction. Try and keep the food fresh until the rescuers can arrive.
  2. If you want to try and rescue the rabbit yourself be aware that the best time to attempt a rescue is early morning or late evening when the rabbits are generally active.
  3. Look under porches, cars, etc as they tend to hide and rest the majority of the day. Look for signs of burrowing and nests.
  4. If a rabbit has been socialized and not been outdoors long it will let you slowly approach and pick them up. i had one jump into my arms because she want to be rescued. Feral rabbits will not let you get close and you may have to use various tools.
  5. Call one of the various local rescues to come and help rescue the rabbit. Even ferals are rescued and sent to sanctuaries to live out safe and happy lives – rather than being left to struggle on the streets.
  6. In some cases a trap may be required to catch the bunny. Talk to a rescuer how to set this up properly