About us

We are a group of private investigators in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  whose love for animals resulted in us forming  a separate section of our company that specializes in finding lost or stolen animals.  Our knowledge of animal behaviour comes from experience, knowledge, and training.  Our background in  investigative skills is an asset that helps the search process operate effectively. Our interviewing skills form the foundation of an investigation into  a stolen animal. It also assists in ensuring accurate information is provided about  a missing animal.

We are trained to implement sophisticated investigation methods that include working with DNA kits, surveillance equipment, and knowledge of the current illegal sales of animals.

To learn more about our experience as investigators check out our international site www.bakerstreetagency.com and our Canadian site www.bakerstreetagency.ca .

Losing your pet can be one of the most stressful events of your life. When this happens you will need professional and knowledgeable support.

Contact our offices for personal support at 604 294-6574


This site is dedicated to my two loyal dogs – Mimbo and Kodiak who provided years of companionship.